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We pride ourselves on applying these values in our day to day interactions and individual performance.

With over 40 years of experience in irrigation maintenance, repairs and installations, our team of experienced technicians are able to measure, design, co-ordinate and establish a solution to meet your needs. From drip irrigation, suitable for smaller gardens and pots, to major systems which irrigate large parks and sporting grounds, we have the personnel, equipment and experience to meet your expectations. Our knowledgeable staff are committed to customer service and we believe each customer deserves our best performance.

Let us take the guesswork out of operating your system.

  • Customised features on correctly installed irrigation systems, enable you to manage your water use to comply with city water restrictions during periods of limited usage.
  • The Irrigation Doctor will devise, install, and instill in you a sense of confidence in owning and operating your new sprinkler system.
  • The design of the right irrigation scheme, is essential to customise watering to suit your own garden and lawn area.
  • An automatic irrigation controller is the preferred option, where time and water is saved, being a 'set and forget' system.
  • A rain sensor is a valuable addition to an automatic system as it prevents over watering during periods of wet weather.

How We Operate:

  • Based in Unley SA.
  • Servicing all Adelade metropolitan areas.
  • Fleet of fully stocked vehicles for installation and maintenance projects.
  • We employ experienced and skilled technicians.



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Get in Touch

Irrigation Doctor:
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Plumbing Doctor:
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